Monday, October 8, 2012

July 30, 2012

This week was real real good and productive. On Tuesday, one of the old lady ward missionaries called us and told us that she had met a woman in the park and the woman had accepted to meet with us in the ward missionary's house. But, when we got to the house, we found that it was not only one lady, but her daughter, and her daughters daughter. It was very obvious that they were very prepared to accept our message, and we took out three baptismal dates right away.

Remember the guy who shouted us down on the street and told us that he wanted us to go to his house? We had a hard time finding him for the last two weeks, but we finally found him yesterday and were able to set a baptismal date with him also. Lots of good things are happening in our area.

Elder Ruvalcaba and I are organizing an activity called "Gran Dia de Bautismos". We gave a challenge to every companionship in our zone to have 5 people preparing to be baptized on the 19th of August. On that day, all the people who are prepared to be baptized are going to meet in the stake center, and we will have a giant baptismal service. The missionaries were all real excited, and it is looking like the 19th of August is gonna be a real good day.

Today, all the zone leaders and sister missionaries from Buenos Aires South, North, and West met at the temple to be trained to be tour guides at the Temple Open House. We watched a few videos and did a few practices to prepare to be tour guides, and then we all took a tour of the temple. It is so so nice. After being in dirt and cement floor houses for more than a year, it was really shocking to walk around the marble floored, oak furnished temple. Even though its not dedicated, there was a special feeling wherever we went on the temple grounds.

The theme of this week for me was eliminating things that impede you from feeling the spirit or sanctification. The Spirit thrives when love and respect are present.  I love you all a ton! All is well. Life is good.
   Elder Lewis

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