Monday, October 8, 2012

August 27, 2012

I don't have very much time this week at all, so this will be a short one. I included the photos of the baptism from a week ago. As you can tell, I am getting kind of chubby again. I don't know what it is about Argenitne food, but it makes your face get fat first. I'm totally sick of chubby cheeks. I have been trying to do workouts in the mornings, but they are pretty week. I usually do about 14 push ups and 4 sit ups and then feel extremely exhausted and quit. It doesn't help that Elder Ruvalcaba made me delicious breakfast almost everyday. (Rice, a fried egg, a hamburger patty, and lots of mayonnaise.) Oh well. I will surely sweat off 15 lbs. once summer comes around. Just like last summer. 

My b-day was good. Really calm. hahah I didn't really tell anyone it was my b-day. I didn't even remember it was my birthday until I walked out of the shower and saw a big poster that said, in English, "Happy Birthday Elder Lewis! I love you sooooo much." Thanks Elder Ruvalcaba. Then he made me another sweet breakfast and gave me a tie. Gloria, Ingrid, and Adelida (the ladies who just got baptized) gave me a backpack. Its huge and will be perfect to take home with me. They are way way too nice. I totally satisfied for the rest of the day.

This week Elder Ruvalcaba went home. I was sad to see him go. I know more and more everyday that each of my companions was put into my life at the moment they were put in for a very specific reason. Elder Ruvalcaba helped me be more exact and thorough in all I do. Just what I needed. I'm gonna miss him.

My new companions name is Elder Villalba. He is from Entre Rios, Argentina. His family lives in Solano. Yes, the same Solano that was my area. hahaha He was called to a mission In Colombia, but his visa didn't come through, and 18 months have passed by, and he will finish his mission in February. We will be going home at the same time. (Unless I extend). He is a stud. He grew up in the villa and acts like it. hahah he gets along really well with all the villeros. He promises that we will never be robbed again. Elder Villalba is here to protect me. I will send pictures once I have a camera.

My backpack hasn't turned up, and I still haven't seen the kid again. Its cool though.  Another Elder just offered me a camera for $400 pesos. That's real cheap and i will probably buy it soon.

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