Saturday, April 13, 2013

January 14, 2013

On the Argentine news I hear that there is a horrible, freezing storm that is debilitating the western United States. Based on how they usually report happenings in the US, its probably kind of cold in a few places. I'm not jealous. I would take overwhelming heat and humidity over freezing cold any day. I'm not excited to be cold again. For everything else, yes, I am excited.

Things this week were severely normal. That does not mean that they were bad, (in fact this week was great) just that they were pretty normal. Once a month, Elder Reynolds, President Stapely, the Stake President, and I have a meeting. We usually sit and watch the two Presidents talk, but it's good nonetheless. This month, the meeting finished a little early and the President asked us if we had any investigators that we would like to visit with him. We decided to take him to The Sanchez Family. The Sanchez family is a part member and inactive family. We are teaching and planning the baptism of two of the kids in the family, Celste, and Jonny. The Mom of the family, Laura is not a member, and is friendly and cordial, but doesn't really want to hear anything. When President got to the house, the whole family was super honored and a little nervous to have the Mission President in their house. But Stapes is awesome and calmed them down with friendly, easy conversation. Then he focused totally on Laura. We have been trying to figure out what Laura's doubt is for some time. After about 8 minutes of sincere chatting in between her and President, she spitted the doubt out. I was blown away. I guess President holds a little more weight than I do. Being an old missionary, sometimes it is easy to make the mistake in thinking that you have finished progressing as a missionary. Thanks to President Stapely, I know I have lots of room to grow, even in the last four weeks. and the rest of my life....

The baptism of Celeste and Jonny will be this Saturday. They are super great and fun to teach. Should be good. I will try to send pictures next weeks.

Elder Reynolds and I are holding on and trying not to get trunky. I am searching for a good quantity of quality experiences in my last few weeks.

All is well. Life is good.

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