Monday, October 8, 2012

September 24, 2012

This week was a little wild. On Friday, Elder Villalba and I were walking down the street of the villa when we heard running behind us. I turned around a little bit and saw two guys running towards us shouting at us and telling us not to turn around or look at their faces. I am kind of used to being robbed at this point, I had an idea of what was happening. My companion and I just stood still as the two kids reached in our pockets and backpacks and took everything that was worth anything. They put something up to my back, I don't know if it was a gun, pipe, or their fingers. But they told me not to move and I was happy to obey. They took our phone, my comps wallet, and my backpack. Again. I am on the fourth backpack of my mission. The people at the backpack store love me. The funny part is that I had a totally junky pack and my comp has a totally nicer pack, but they stole mine anyways. But, in the end, we walked away totally fine. I was pretty frustrated, as was my companion. But the important is that we are totally fine. We talked to a member who lives close to the place we were robbed, and he said he knows the kids, and would get our stuff back. Just another story to tell.

Funny Story: I did an intercmabio with an Elder from the district, this week, Elder Talbot from California. We both woke up on Thursday morning with really bad allergies. I looked through my baggage and found some pink pills that I am pretty sure were allergy pills. We both took two of them and went out to work. I don't remember very much more of the morning. Either we both reacted to the allergy pills really strongly, or the pills were sleeping pills, because we both fell asleep in the next three appointments. It was pretty embarrassing. 

We also had a baptism this week. Eric, the investigator that I told you about, got baptized. We had to do the baptismal service early Saturday morning because there was Stake conference in the evening. It was really simple with just family members. Eric is a stud. I had the opportunity of baptizing him. After the ordinance, we were leaving the water and he said to me, "I feel way better now!" I just smiled and laughed. I am always surprised how quickly one can come to love another person when you are really trying to focus on how to help them. I feel like that is something that really comes with the calling, and I hope it is something that doesn't end when the call does.

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