Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 23, 2012

The weeks are going by really fast, and there are pretty normal lately. Every 12 weeks, every missionary in the mission has to have an interview with President. Yesterday, President Stapely called Elder Ruvalcaba and I and told us that he wanted us to come to the mission home in Banfield (1 hour in train from my area) to have our interviews. We took two buses and a train, and were eventually in front of the mission house when President called us and told us that he was at the airport picking up a new missionary, and would not be able to do the interviews today. AHHHH So right now we are in Banfield, not knowing what to do for our Pday until we can catch another train  to our area. Oh wellll...quality comp time.

This week we had the baptism of Maria Ladux. It was fantastic. As a missionary, I do my best to stay out of the spotlight for the baptisms, and have the focus be on the person getting baptized and their family. This baptism worked out perfectly. Marias husband baptized her. While Maria and her husband were changing, we decided to show a church video and decided on "The Touch of the Masters Hand". It is such a good video, but it was kind of strange to show. As it was playing, almost everyone started crying. When we turned the lights back on after the video to continue with the service, almost all eyes were red and puffy. For the rest of the service, the focus of the meeting was kind of on the video and not on Maria Ladux. But oh well, it was great anyways and everyone was happy. 

Elder Ruvalcaba and I received 5000 fliers for the open house of the temple. We are told that we must spend one hour each day dedicated solely to handing out these fliers. It's funny and kind of discouraging to see peoples reactions. Sometimes we walk down a street and give all the fliers, and then walk back up the same street and see about half the fliers have been thrown to the ground. At least we know that some people are going to want to go because of our flyer efforts. 

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