Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 29, 2010

Less than two weeks until Jordan leaves for Argentina!  He departs on April 11th.  He gets his travel plans this week, but he is guessing his flight will be in the early morning, around 2 am or 3 am.

The tie exchange is still in full swing.  Simple pleasures!  Jordan's room has become the hub for exchange.  Elders he has never seen come from other zones and buildings to be a part of the trade.

Jordan has loved his time in the MTC.  It has gone so fast.  He was talking with the branch president about how much he has enjoyed his time there, and his response was, "Then it will almost be too much joy for you in the field."  He is nervous, but he knows he is doing what is right and that everything will be fine.

Jord loves to play.  And play and play all the time.  He has realized that that attitude doesn't work in the mission.  He feels like he is already changing a lot.  He says, "I am learning to be a hard worker because I know that every minute that I waste is a minute of the Lord's time wasted and not mine. I know the harder I work in the field, the happier I will be, and the fewer regrets I will have. I think that the pain of discipline is far less than the pain of regret. I am still going to have lots and lots of fun, but do the Lord's work first and foremost."

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sleep Screams and Flocks of Deer

Jordan wanted to give "special thanks to Erin and family for the tie with a mural of a flock of deer in nature on it. When i got it I laughed so hard and put it on right away. TOO GOOD. The tie exchange at the MTC is crazy, and the deer tie is infamous and coveted by many, but i refuse to let it go."  
He is continuing to have the time of his life.  He says everyone at the MTC is so nice and they love you no matter what. 
Every week is his best week yet.  He leaves for Argentina in less than three weeks and is so excited.  He says time is going by so fast but he feels like he has been in the MTC for his whole life.  He has been there so long he forgets his former life...MTC amnesia.  

His Spanish is coming along really well and he tries to only speak 30 words of English a day.  The other night he woke up because he was screaming in his sleep, in Spanish, "WE ARE MISSIONARIES!! WE HAVE A MESSAGE FOR YOU ALL.", "DEAR HEAVENLY FATHER!!", "I HAVE TO DO MY PIZZA HOMEWORK!!" and "GET ME THE VAN GOUGH!!!"  

The most important thing he has learned in the MTC so far is the power of a good attitude. "It matters very little what happens to you, but mostly how you prepare yourself to react to any situation."  He and his companions have a hard time on Mondays because they don't have much energy and are in class for 12 hours. They decided that last Monday was going to be good.  They didn't know why, but they fully expected it, and it was awesome.  He hopes to approach his mission experience in this same way.  He knows he will have tough times but is preparing to take them as learning experiences.  

The best feeling

Jordan is learning so much and so quickly in the MTC.  In his last letter to us he said, "The longer I am here, the more I realize how much the gospel and missionary work are organized around love...the best two feelings in my opinion are to love and be loved."  Jordan knows he is doing what Heavenly Father wants for him.  He says that is the best feeling.

All is well, life is good!

Jordan is still loving the MTC.  He is no longer the district leader which he said is "bittersweet".  He also switched companions and is now in a trio.  There is an uneven number of Elders in is district so there has to be a trio.  The branch president doesn't want any elder to be in a trio for the whole time they are in the MTC so the elders are rotated.  His new companions are Elder Kelley and Boyd.  He loves them and feels blessed to be working with them.  Jordy was sad to see his comp Elder Grant go.  He says ties are like gold in the MTC.  "Tie exchanges come nightly and are very intense and sometimes violent."  Being a missionary makes Jordy happy.  He loves what he is doing and he can't wait to get out into the field.  All is well.  Life is good!

Monday, March 21, 2011

It's Jimmer Time

Elder Lewis,

I thought you would enjoy this tweet by tweet of Saturday nights match up between Gonzaga and BYU by Jay Drew, sports writer for the Salt Lake Tribune.

Big roar just now as Cougars entered the court -- but also some boos. Five minutes until introductions.

More signs: "Noah, let it rain" "Charles in Charge" "Jimmer, Country's Best Scorer"

Sign: "Gonzaga, a bunch of Jimmerish"

Cougars hit their first three shots, but also have a turnover. Decent start.

BYU 8, Gonzaga 8 at first media timeout. Cougars a bit sloppy on offense after great start.

Emery with two 3s in first 10 minutes a good sign for Cougars. Is he out of the slump? BYU 18, Gonzaga 17 with 10:58 remaining first half.

Cougars shooting 50 percent (7 of 14). Zags shooting 41.2 percent. If it stays this way, BYU likes its chances.

Jimmer has just five points with 7:58 remaining in first half, but Cougars have a 22-21 lead. Teammates pulling their own weight so far.

Zags outrebounding Cougars 15-9, already have eight offensive boards. But just four second-chance points.

Stockton misses an easy one, Jimmer answers at other end with an NBA three, fittingly. BYU 31, Gonzaga 24 with 5:41 remaining first half.

Every BYU fan in the place is screaming "three seconds, three seconds" but to no avail. Sacre going to the line again. BYU 37, Zags 31.

Rose really getting on ref Tom Eades (tall, grey-haired man) during the timeout. Eades has made three or four calls the bench didn't like.

Cougars clicking on offense as well as they have all season. Kyle Collinsworth's lefthanded shot gives them 45-36 lead

Halftime: BYU 45, Gonzaga 38. Cougars sparkled on offense, held their own on defense against the Zags' tall trees.

Cougars' shooting the story of the first half: 53 percent from field and and three-point range. Did it with Abouo and Hartsock in foul trbl

Cougars roar out of halftime, take 56-40 lead and Mark Few takes a timeout. Emery having a great floor game.

BYU is 20 of 34 from the field (58 percent). Players were right when they said they'd shoot better Saturday than they did Thursday.

Gonzaga's Steven Gray barking at official, and the official is giving it right back to him. Comical moment.

Zags on an 11-2 run. Rose takes timeout with 12:18 remaining. BYU 63, Gonzaga 55.

Gonzaga has scored on seven straight possessions. Media timeout with 11:44 remaining. BYU 65, Gonzaga 55.
Ref Eades just pointed to a Gonzaga person on bench and told him to zip it.

Sacre stares down Jimmer, should have got a taunting call. Jimmer answers with a three. Has 27.

Noah lets it rain. His three gives BYU a 75-55 lead. Cougars are playing as well as they did when they beat SDSU.

Fans streaming for the exits (except BYU fans) here at Pepsi Center. BYU 82, Gonzaga 59 with 4:19 remaining. Cougars' best game of season.

Final score: 89-67

Sweet 16 baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First time since 1981.

Hope you enjoyed that! It was such a fun game to watch. Fred and Mike and I were going crazy. Especially Fred and Mike. Patty was biting her nails. Can't wait to watch some games with you when you get back!



Monday, March 14, 2011

Halfway Point in the MTC

Who knew they had yoga in the MTC?

Meg found out on Friday what she's having! Jordan has been asking about it every week. We promised to let him know right away once we found out, and we also promised to name it after him, regardless of whether it was a boy or a girl. Haha. We can't wait to see what little Jordan looks like! She will be so excited to meet her namesake in two years.

Jordan hit his halfway mark in the MTC last week. Time is flying! In Jordan's words, "The MTC must be in some kind of time warp because the days seem WAY longer than the weeks."

"I still love my companion and District so much. I feel super lucky to have them. In the MTC, you are with your District around 14 out of your 16 waking hours. It would be really difficult to be in a District that you did not like. [An] Elder in my District tore his ACL playing basketball the other day and they sent him home. It was really sad."

Since basketball at the MTC is so violent Jordan has taken up yoga. He says it's awesome. It sounds quite nice and peaceful in comparison.

Jordan's Spanish is coming alone well. He and his companion can give the lessons in broken Spanish. He loves the teachers and wants to be one when he gets back. "They are so kind and easy to talk to and patient. They make learning a lot easier."

His testimony continues to be strengthened. "Everyday my testimony grows. I feel more and more lucky everyday to be in the position than I am in. I know I am blessed by Heavenly Father to be in such and loving and supporting family."

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pictures of Elder Lewis right before he went into the MTC

Goin' All Out Nerdy

Jordan says, "Everything is well at the MTC!"

He just got is hair cut and is still trying to get used to his new "nerdy" look.

He even brought a pocket protector to speed up the process and more fully embrace his inner nerdiness. We are glad to know he is finally learning the things about himself that we already knew.

Jordan laments that he can't write that much because he only has "2 hours a week to write letters, and a million letters to write." But "I love love love getting letters." So keep 'em coming!

"I love you guys so much and miss you so much. Thanks for all the letters and prayers. I know I am doing the Lord's work. I'm so excited to serve with all I have."

Thursday, March 3, 2011

News Flash

Carmelo Anthony left Jordan's beloved Nuggs for the New York Knickerbockers. Nobody misses him, including Jordan. Especially since he doesn't know anything about it. The Nuggets have been winning all their games since Carmelo left. Sadly, he took Chauncey Billups with him too. Apparently Chauncey's holding onto his Denver real estate though. He'll be back.

In other news, it appears that BYU's dream season is over. Brandon Davies was kicked off the team for an honor code violation. Huge bummer. It's really big news all over the media right now. It's really a very unfortunate situation.

Saw this on Twitter during Wednesday night's game against New Mexico. "We knew that BYU was a 1 man show, we just didn't know that 1 man was Brandon Davies."

If you know Jordan, you know he is an absolute sports NUT. Not surprisingly, he asked for "BYU/sports news please" in one of his recent emails.

We think he will probably survive just fine without it.

My friend who never leaves me

Jordan is still loving the MTC and continues to feel surprised by how much he is enjoying it. He is grateful for everyone's prayers and has felt its sustaining effects.

He is learning a lot in his role as District Leader. Here's his district in front of the Provo Temple.

As District Leader, Jordan gets to resolve some of the disputes that arise as a natural consequence of people and companions being together for 24 hours a day. But as far as he and his companion, no issues whatsoever! They are both very laid back, and they get along great. Nothin' but love for these two.

Here's a funny experience he shared in a recent family email:

The other night at an MTC fireside, a member of the Quorum of the Seventy was speaking about how lots of missionaries have lots of trials when they are in the MTC. He invited Elders to share stand up and share what trials they had been suffering thus far. This Elder from my District stood up and very seriously said, "The food here has been my trial. I have diarreah all the time." No one could stop laughing, and it kind of overshadowed the speakers talk, but oh well. It was too too funny. 

Jordan has settled nicely into his new routine. Here's his schedule:
  • Wake up at 6:30
  • Study the scriptures for an hour
  • Breakfast
  • Gym (Which he says is "SO VIOLENT")
  • Three hours of class
  • Lunch
  • Six hours of class
  • Dinner
  • Three hours of class
  • Lights out

He adds:

Although I go to 12 or so hours of class a day, its not that bad. My teachers are amazing. I feel so lucky. They all know the Gospel front and back, speak amazing spanish, and make me laugh so hard all the time. So class is usually enjoyable. 

Missionaries at the MTC have to do some type of service every week as assigned by building maintenance. He and his companion clean the showers. It's "real real gross. We wear gloves up to our shoulders and huge goggles. We look ridiculous."

In summary:

I am learning so much. I have gained testimonies of so many different aspects of the gospel in just the last three weeks. I feel the Spirit so much, I almost feel like it is my friend who never leaves me. i know i am doing the Lord's work. I am so excited. Please write. Love you all so much. All is well. Life is good.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Greetings from Buenos Aires........Pizzeria!

Just a few days before Jordan left on his mission some of us decided to take him out for authentic Argentine pizza! In Denver, that means Buenos Aires Pizzeria. It's a fun little joint downtown by Coors Field. In addition to the pizza, they have great empanadas, something Jordan will surely be enjoying often!

Our server was very friendly. When she found out Jordan was going to be in her country for 2 years she wanted to hear some of his Spanish. Needless to say, he didn't have a lot to say. She insisted though and was able to pull a feeble "como esta?" or something along those lines out of him. If she could only hear him now! It's amazing what 3 weeks in the MTC can do.

After dinner I posted a review of the restaurant on Yelp and just got this reply yesterday:

Thanks for sharing your experience at Buenos Aires Pizzeria on Yelp. We're glad you enjoyed it, and wish your brother-in-law all the best with his mission in Argentina.

Take care,

Ana Carrera

Jordan, looks like you've already got a friend down South!