Sunday, April 10, 2011

I have already fallen in love with being a missionary

Jordan is grateful for all the letters he gets. He's lucky being the youngest of 11. He thinks he might get more letters than all the rest of the MTC combined. 

Jordan is getting more and more excited to leave the MTC and enter the mission field. It's kind of surreal how fast the time has gone (and yet how long it's taken). He watched a talk by Elder Jeffrey Holland the other day that he gave at the MTC a few years ago. In his talk he says, "My mission is everything to me" 17 times. He must have really meant it. In the talk, he challenges the missionaries to make their missions just as meaningful to them. Jordan is taking the challenge to heart. "I am so excited to give myself over to the Lord, forget myself, and serve others for the next two years. I know that if I do it right, I will cherish my mission as much as Elder Holland."

Jordan goes on, "I have already fallen in love with being a missionary. It is so simple. You know at all times what you are supposed to be doing. [There] are very few hard choices you have to make if you are in tune with the Spirit. I already know that I am going to miss the simplicity of missionary life when it is over."

On the back of this picture, Jordan wrote, "Carmelo Anthony is dead to me. Long live Gallinari." He appreciated the March Madness updates he has received. He said that everybody at the MTC somehow knew the score of the last BYU basketball game at all times though. Even so, he will have some serious catching up to do when he gets back. It's probably going to be a little bit harder to keep up on things when he's on the other side of the hemisphere. 

Jordan loves having companions. Lots of laughs and good times. It's like hanging out with your best buddies all the time.

He likes to find humor in whatever situation he finds himself in. He has figured out lots of tricks you can do with dress clothes. His new love: zip-up and clip-on ties. He traded for a tie the other day that you can blow up and make into a pillow. "Pure genius."

We have loved getting Jordan's MTC letters and emails. They are the highlight of our week! We have come to know the exact day when they will arrive, and we like to read them together. They make us laugh and cry, and they teach us much. I have been so touched by the things he has learned and shared with us. His letters sound like they are coming from a seasoned missionary, and he's only been out for a few weeks. It's sweet to see the hand of the Lord in his life.

We love you Jordan!

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