Monday, October 8, 2012

October 8, 2012

General Conference is the best Holiday there is as a missionary. Better than Christmas. Way better. The Stake President set apart a room with a TV in English, so all of the gringo Elders had a room all to themselves. It was way too good. We said the Pledge of Allegiance before every session. But we were not allowed to go to Priesthood session since it starts at 9:00 Buenos Aires time. It's cool though. That's what the Ensign is for.  I loved the talks of Elder Bednar, Elder Uchtdorf, and Elder Holland. I liked the talk by Elder Bednar especially because he basically just gave instructions to those who are making their way through their own conversion and what role testimony has in conversion. Conversion is just the natural effect of righteous living. Our testimony alone is not just enough, it is only the first step of conversion. Our conversion is never over, but we must work always to progress. I liked Elder Uchtdorf's talk so much. I always love his talks. It helped me especially because of the moment I am in right now and finishing my mission. The joy is in the journey and not in the destination. Can't wait till I want to bike race my wife and instead she just gives me sweet advice. jk Elder Hollands talk blew me away. He had actually given the same talk in the MTC right before I got there, and the missionaries who had heard the talk were still buzzing about it. We must all leave our nets behind to be true disciples of Christ. It was a little weird that Elder Hales kind of gave the same talk (except a little more boring) a few minutes later.

Well, I write you right now from my new area, Tolosa. Tolosa is a part of La Plata, and bordering my first area in the mission, City Bell. President Stapely called Elder Villalba and I on Friday night and told us that we would not be changing, but stay together for another transfer. This is what I excepted, and was totally fine with it. A few minutes later, President called us again and told us that he had just had a strong prompting that I should be sent to Tolosa. I thought it was kind of strange, but was thankful for the little reminder that Heavenly Father has me personally in mind. It was kind hard saying good bye to Avellaneda, but by far the easiest goodbye to an area yet. I didn't cry once. (Chest hair.) I got to La Plata this morning, and it was a totally strange experience. I have not been here since the start of my mission about a year and four months ago. La Plata is so different than the rest of the mission. It's kind of far away from the rest of Buenos Aires, and something happens in the little space between BA and La Plata. The people get nicer, wealthier, and whiter. It's strange. As I walked around the streets here, I just felt different. I don't feel like anyone is trying to kill me. After being in three areas in a row (Longchamps, Solano, and Avellaneda) that are famous for Elders getting shot at and robbed, it's kind of a relief to be in a calmer area. I will probably finish my mission here in Tolosa. I'm totally cool with it. I feel like I might finish my mission with a grand total of robbings of 8. I feel like it's good there. 

My new companion is Elder Jorge Romero. He is from Mexico City, Mexico. Now I have had 2 Argentine comps, 2 Peruvian comps, and 2 Mexican comps. He is famous in the mission for being really funny and dancing all the time. He is a young zone leader at 13 months. I'm totally happy to have him as my new comp. I already love him lots.

I feel like there are a few things that I forgot to write, but I don't have any more time. I will write them down for next week.  

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