Saturday, February 12, 2011

Introducing Elder Lewis!

Jordan was set apart on Sunday, February 6, 2011 by President Millett. Most of his Colorado family was there for the blessing. We didn't meet over at President Millett's until 8:30 that night so the parents and Nana were all worried about whether the kids would be able to hold out or not. At first, it seemed they would. Max was entertaining. Kept laughing for no apparent reason, and then the rest of us would laugh, and then he laughed some more. He finally lost it and Sister Millett was kind enough to come to the rescue. Bless her.

President Millett opened the scriptures and taught us about charity. He said that the people in Argentina are very proud of their culture, their country, their way of life, even their Spanish. Sometimes they would be unkind and unapproachable. Jordan will have to love them. He will also have to love his companions, and that will not always be easy. But for Jordan it will come naturally because of his loving, accepting nature. Even so, President Millett counseled him, and all of us, to have charity. To love his companions and the people of Argentina. He was told that the people will be able to see it in his eyes. They will know whether he loves them or not. We know those people will be blessed by his love as we have been.

Jordan was also counseled to listen to the Spirit. Sometimes the Spirit will whisper, and sometimes the Spirit will yell. Jordan will be protected as he heeds those promptings. We will pray for him.

After the blessing President Millett invited Jordan's parents and siblings to share whatever they wanted to about Jordan and any advice they might have. There were many special things that were said. Fred and Jessi shared words of warmth and wisdom. They are confident he will serve well and touch many lives. Patty commented on how Jord was the baby of the family and how loved he has been. Mothered and fathered by many. It shaped and molded him. He is full of love, confidence and happiness because of that love. Josh talked about some of the special gifts Jordan has. He encouraged Jordan to savor his mission and spoke of the fondness he still has for his own mission experience. Meg expounded on some of Jord's special gifts and talked about how special we think he is. He has such a kind, good, loving heart. Oh how we love him!

After that it was time for photos and goodbyes. We had to do it in the freezing cold of the Millett's driveway. It was tender. Lots of tears and hugs. Max was defiant and wouldn't give any kisses or loves. We will prepare him to receive Jordan with joy upon his return! They will be buddies.

Lots of tears on the way home and thoughts about Jordan this week. We miss him so. But we are overjoyed that he is serving the Lord and know he will have so many unforgettable, life changing experiences. What a privilege it is to serve a mission.

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