Monday, October 8, 2012

October 1, 2012

This week was very normal. Elder Villalba and I are trying to get along without a cellphone. Whenever a phone gets stolen, the mission takes about 2 months to replace it. So for the next little while, we are without phone. Its kind of frustrating because investigators and members are usually constantly calling us and moving our appointments around. Since we don't have a phone now, we go to a lot of appointments, and the people are just not there. Its kind of frustrating. I have no idea how missionaries made it without phones before. There is a new rule in our zone (we get robbed more than any other zone) that we have to carry our phones in our socks. Mmmmmmm Walking in humidity and sweating so so much and then taking your phone out of your sweat soaked sock to put it on your face is the best. 

I love the spring. The winter is finally done, and everyone is excited all the time. I feel like it's easier to do missionary work in the spring and summer than in the winter and fall. This week, the mission baptized more than it has baptized in a month in like 5 years. I accredit the success to the change in weather.

Changes are coming up on this Saturday. It's kind of a toss up for me. I have been in Avellaneda for 4.5 months. I could finish my mission here, or I could leave this transfer. We shall see. Maybe next week I will be writing from a different area. I would be happy to stay and I would not be mad to go.

This week, I did an Intercmbio with some of the Elders in the zone. I had never been to their pinch before, and it blew me away. Elder Villalba and I live right next to a villa and we don't have gas or hot water. The pinch that I went to this week has a shower nicer than ours with like 5 spouts that never runs out of hot water. They have an exercise room with weight sets. haha The disparity between the pinches is funny. 

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