Monday, March 14, 2011

Who knew they had yoga in the MTC?

Meg found out on Friday what she's having! Jordan has been asking about it every week. We promised to let him know right away once we found out, and we also promised to name it after him, regardless of whether it was a boy or a girl. Haha. We can't wait to see what little Jordan looks like! She will be so excited to meet her namesake in two years.

Jordan hit his halfway mark in the MTC last week. Time is flying! In Jordan's words, "The MTC must be in some kind of time warp because the days seem WAY longer than the weeks."

"I still love my companion and District so much. I feel super lucky to have them. In the MTC, you are with your District around 14 out of your 16 waking hours. It would be really difficult to be in a District that you did not like. [An] Elder in my District tore his ACL playing basketball the other day and they sent him home. It was really sad."

Since basketball at the MTC is so violent Jordan has taken up yoga. He says it's awesome. It sounds quite nice and peaceful in comparison.

Jordan's Spanish is coming alone well. He and his companion can give the lessons in broken Spanish. He loves the teachers and wants to be one when he gets back. "They are so kind and easy to talk to and patient. They make learning a lot easier."

His testimony continues to be strengthened. "Everyday my testimony grows. I feel more and more lucky everyday to be in the position than I am in. I know I am blessed by Heavenly Father to be in such and loving and supporting family."

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