Monday, March 21, 2011

It's Jimmer Time

Elder Lewis,

I thought you would enjoy this tweet by tweet of Saturday nights match up between Gonzaga and BYU by Jay Drew, sports writer for the Salt Lake Tribune.

Big roar just now as Cougars entered the court -- but also some boos. Five minutes until introductions.

More signs: "Noah, let it rain" "Charles in Charge" "Jimmer, Country's Best Scorer"

Sign: "Gonzaga, a bunch of Jimmerish"

Cougars hit their first three shots, but also have a turnover. Decent start.

BYU 8, Gonzaga 8 at first media timeout. Cougars a bit sloppy on offense after great start.

Emery with two 3s in first 10 minutes a good sign for Cougars. Is he out of the slump? BYU 18, Gonzaga 17 with 10:58 remaining first half.

Cougars shooting 50 percent (7 of 14). Zags shooting 41.2 percent. If it stays this way, BYU likes its chances.

Jimmer has just five points with 7:58 remaining in first half, but Cougars have a 22-21 lead. Teammates pulling their own weight so far.

Zags outrebounding Cougars 15-9, already have eight offensive boards. But just four second-chance points.

Stockton misses an easy one, Jimmer answers at other end with an NBA three, fittingly. BYU 31, Gonzaga 24 with 5:41 remaining first half.

Every BYU fan in the place is screaming "three seconds, three seconds" but to no avail. Sacre going to the line again. BYU 37, Zags 31.

Rose really getting on ref Tom Eades (tall, grey-haired man) during the timeout. Eades has made three or four calls the bench didn't like.

Cougars clicking on offense as well as they have all season. Kyle Collinsworth's lefthanded shot gives them 45-36 lead

Halftime: BYU 45, Gonzaga 38. Cougars sparkled on offense, held their own on defense against the Zags' tall trees.

Cougars' shooting the story of the first half: 53 percent from field and and three-point range. Did it with Abouo and Hartsock in foul trbl

Cougars roar out of halftime, take 56-40 lead and Mark Few takes a timeout. Emery having a great floor game.

BYU is 20 of 34 from the field (58 percent). Players were right when they said they'd shoot better Saturday than they did Thursday.

Gonzaga's Steven Gray barking at official, and the official is giving it right back to him. Comical moment.

Zags on an 11-2 run. Rose takes timeout with 12:18 remaining. BYU 63, Gonzaga 55.

Gonzaga has scored on seven straight possessions. Media timeout with 11:44 remaining. BYU 65, Gonzaga 55.
Ref Eades just pointed to a Gonzaga person on bench and told him to zip it.

Sacre stares down Jimmer, should have got a taunting call. Jimmer answers with a three. Has 27.

Noah lets it rain. His three gives BYU a 75-55 lead. Cougars are playing as well as they did when they beat SDSU.

Fans streaming for the exits (except BYU fans) here at Pepsi Center. BYU 82, Gonzaga 59 with 4:19 remaining. Cougars' best game of season.

Final score: 89-67

Sweet 16 baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First time since 1981.

Hope you enjoyed that! It was such a fun game to watch. Fred and Mike and I were going crazy. Especially Fred and Mike. Patty was biting her nails. Can't wait to watch some games with you when you get back!



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