Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sleep Screams and Flocks of Deer

Jordan wanted to give "special thanks to Erin and family for the tie with a mural of a flock of deer in nature on it. When i got it I laughed so hard and put it on right away. TOO GOOD. The tie exchange at the MTC is crazy, and the deer tie is infamous and coveted by many, but i refuse to let it go."  
He is continuing to have the time of his life.  He says everyone at the MTC is so nice and they love you no matter what. 
Every week is his best week yet.  He leaves for Argentina in less than three weeks and is so excited.  He says time is going by so fast but he feels like he has been in the MTC for his whole life.  He has been there so long he forgets his former life...MTC amnesia.  

His Spanish is coming along really well and he tries to only speak 30 words of English a day.  The other night he woke up because he was screaming in his sleep, in Spanish, "WE ARE MISSIONARIES!! WE HAVE A MESSAGE FOR YOU ALL.", "DEAR HEAVENLY FATHER!!", "I HAVE TO DO MY PIZZA HOMEWORK!!" and "GET ME THE VAN GOUGH!!!"  

The most important thing he has learned in the MTC so far is the power of a good attitude. "It matters very little what happens to you, but mostly how you prepare yourself to react to any situation."  He and his companions have a hard time on Mondays because they don't have much energy and are in class for 12 hours. They decided that last Monday was going to be good.  They didn't know why, but they fully expected it, and it was awesome.  He hopes to approach his mission experience in this same way.  He knows he will have tough times but is preparing to take them as learning experiences.  

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