Thursday, March 3, 2011

News Flash

Carmelo Anthony left Jordan's beloved Nuggs for the New York Knickerbockers. Nobody misses him, including Jordan. Especially since he doesn't know anything about it. The Nuggets have been winning all their games since Carmelo left. Sadly, he took Chauncey Billups with him too. Apparently Chauncey's holding onto his Denver real estate though. He'll be back.

In other news, it appears that BYU's dream season is over. Brandon Davies was kicked off the team for an honor code violation. Huge bummer. It's really big news all over the media right now. It's really a very unfortunate situation.

Saw this on Twitter during Wednesday night's game against New Mexico. "We knew that BYU was a 1 man show, we just didn't know that 1 man was Brandon Davies."

If you know Jordan, you know he is an absolute sports NUT. Not surprisingly, he asked for "BYU/sports news please" in one of his recent emails.

We think he will probably survive just fine without it.

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