Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 16, 2012

This week was kind of rough. Last Monday, the ward organized a locro (the soup with random animal parts in it (chunks of fat,pig skin, pig head, cow tongue, pig feet, random bones). *tear* *sob* The last time I ate a locro, my digestive system severely punished me, and I made a vow to never eat locro again. Of course, I went into last Mondays activity with the vow still intact. But, Argentines are really good at peer pressuring. I ate two plates of locro, and it was actually pretty good. Never break your covenants. This whole week I was yet again chained to the toilet. So bad so bad. I have only been more sick a few times before. (ie. chopstick in eardrum, my diarrhea week of the past) I still am a sick, but better than what I was. I will probably be heading to the doctor in this coming week. In the last six days, I have lost 5 kilos. So much for being chubby. This time, my vow is unbreakable, I will never eat locro again. Promise.  

Well, there is not much to report this week because I was tied to the toilet by a 19 minute time bomb. But, the little news that I do have to report. We have been teaching a woman named Maria. She is the wife of a member, and is not a member. She has listened to the missionaries a lot in the past, but has never really progressed past her addiction to cigarettes. When we taught her for the first time, she said, "Don't ask me to be baptized because I can't nor will ever be able to quit cigarettes."  That was her attitude for the first few visits, but as we came more and more she started to become softer and softer. This week, my companion gave her a blessing that she would be able to break her addiction. The we committed her to smoke less cigarettes than normal the next day. The next day, she called us and told us that she had lit a cigarette, but the smoke made her nauseous and she couldn't finish it. The same thing happened over and over again. Mari committed to be baptized this coming Sunday. Real good real good. The changes that the spirit can make in a person are my favorite things to see. 

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