Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 9, 2012

This week was very routine. The week was great, but real normal. The other day, I dropped my pen during a lesson, and bent down to pick it up. When I bent down, I found it was harder to bend down than it should be. The reason, for the difficulty was that there this huge thing growing out my stomach called a belly. It's so big. I am getting chubby. That night before bed, I was making a video journal and decided to pull up my shirt and make of video of me doing a truffle shuffle type dance. The results were way better than I wanted. The goonies ain't got nothin on me. (As I was making the video, I ran out of camera memory. It was a kind of prideful moment for me; 10GB of pictures taken.) It was in those moments of low self-confidence that I decided to take on a challenge than many a chubby missionary have taken on before: the six months to sexy program. When a missionary hits 18 months, he starts eating half the amount and working out extra hard every morning. I will actually be doing the 7 months to sexy program, but its the same idea. By the next time I see all of you, I will have a sweet rock hard bod once again. Maybe someday I will overcome my hubris to show you all the Truffle Shuffle: Elder Lewis video.

The weather this week was really nice and sunny. So good.   

We are progressing with a lot of different investigators. We are hoping to have a few baptisms for the 22nd of this month. I will let you know. 

This week we had the zone leader counsel. It was way more exciting than usual. We pretty much just talked about the plans for the upcoming temple dedication. Every companionship in the mission is going to receive 5,000 fliers for the Open house of the Temple. The goal is to give one flyer out to every person in Buenos Aires. The church printed about 2,000,000 fliers for the event. For three missions. So, Elder Ruvalcaba and I will be handing out flayer's to everyone that we see for the next month. In the Zone Leader Council, every missionary who will go home in the next month bares their testimony. Elder Ramos (my ex-comp Peruvian) bore his testimony. It was so good. I'm gonna miss him tons. He is only my third companion to go home. 

I feel super lucky to have had just great companions in my mission. Every missionary probably says this, but I feel like my mission is something really special. I feel like every companion I have had has come as part of a plan to teach me something very specific. I feel like I have been sent to every area I have been in to help a very specific someone and more often, for someone to teach something to me. I feel so lucky to be In Buenos Aires at this time of the Temple. It's so lucky. I feel lucky to be a missionary. One of the other missionaries told me the other day that 0.0000056% of all males serve full time missions. All is well. Life is good.
    Elder Lewis

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