Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November 12, 2012

This week was way good. It kind of seemed like everything worked out. There is a homeless drunk guy who always sneaks in the church when anyone leaves the gate open. He doesn't do anything bad, just kind a corner and sleeps there.  (corner=baptismal font, underneath the sacrament table, in the cleaning closet, on the benches, etc.) He always sneaks in on Sundays especially and sleeps though the Sacrament meeting. The members kindly delegated the duty of waking up and helping the homeless man out of the chapel to the missionaries. Usually it is kind of a fight to wake him up.You have to poke him in the ribs really hard, and then he wakes up a little bit, looks at you, mumbles something understandable, and then goes back to sleep. You have to repeat that process around 6 times to get him up. This week after sacrament meeting I poked him once, he shot up and RAN out of the church.Tender mercy. That's just the kind of week it was. 

I hit 21 months this Friday. I only feel trunky during email time. 

This week we got a call from a student from the University of La Plata that was looking for the Public Relations representative of the LDS church. She asked us if we would be willing to have an interview with her for a documentary on the 5 biggest churches in La Plata and their stances on sexuality and homosexuality. We called President and asked him if we should and he asked us, "Do you know our stance on sexuality and homosexuality?" We said yes but he reexplained it to us anyways. He had the interview on Wednesday in the church. The girl and the group were totally nice. They brought a camera crew and everything with them. They said that they had already interviewed Catholics, Evangelists, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Buddhists. They asked us some pretty basic questions and we just tried to focus on the family the whole time. Elder Romero loves to talk, especially in interview type situations, so I let him answer the majority of the questions. I was kind of nervous to speak about such a sensitive subject on camera, not knowing who all would see the video. As we testified of the family and the love that God has for everyone of us, I felt really good and sincere about the things I was saying. I felt sure. The students (who were obviously very liberal and didn't agree with the things we were saying), were totally nice and respectful and told us that we had a "sweet spirit" during the interview. It was a way good experience to wear my beliefs even more on my sleeve.

A lot of the investigators who were formally not progressing made huge steps this week. We had about 12 investigators in church. It was way good. 

I have basically decided that extending is not something I want to do. I love the mission so so much, but I feel more and more that when February comes around, it will be time to finish things up. That, and I don't really have any options of companions to extend with. (The extension companion has to be someone who would be going home in your group. My group is only 5 missionaries.) extension. But its good! I feel good. 

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