Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November 5, 2012

Everyone and their grandma came up to me this week and told me that the United States was being torn to shreds. It kind of scared me in the moment, but it calmed my fears that no one who lives on the east coast, or was there visiting, even mentioned the storm. The Argentine news is super super dramatic and kind of uses whatever excuse it can to make The United States look bad. I blame the nws that everyone here always is freaking out about things that have happened in the US. 
This week was way good with a few tinges of frustration. I still look really stupid 85% of the time because Elder Romero is always making me laugh really really hard without trying. We will just be walking down the street and not be talking and he will say something (with all sincerity) like, "I hate cougars. All of them." I don't know if the humor is completely communicated by a medium like email, but he is really funny. I live in a Nacho Libre world.  

Remember the two girls who disappeared that we were looking for? They were found! But, the story kind of ends sadly anyways. The girls made it home, but it came out that the whole kidnapping was kind of set up. The girls parents both use a lot of cocaine and got into debt with the drug dealers. To pay back their debt, they arranged a deal with the drug dealers that the dealers could have the girls (13 and 14 years old) for a week, and the debt would be forgiven. It was kind of a prostitution deal. When we found out, we were both pretty upset. The police didn't really want to get involved. We decided it was probably best if we don't go to the house of the girls and parents anymore. 

Remember the Family Cora? We tried working with them for the past few weeks, but they don't really want to hear anything. They are pretty satisfied with Umbanda. Oh welll.... They are a totally cool family anyways.

We are kind of going back into the looking for new investigators phase. It's kind of frustrating to regress, but it's what we have to do. This coming week we will probably be walking a lot.

All is well. Life is good.

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