Wednesday, November 14, 2012

October 22, 2012

Things are going really really well. I feel like I am in an area that I like with a companion that I love, so I can't ask for much more. This week was really successful for Elder Romero and I. Sometimes I feel like the more I search and put lots of effort into finding new investigators, the less I find. And sometimes when I have a good group of instigators and am not particularly looking for new investigators, they come out of all places. (holes, rivers, trees, inside of playground equipment) This week Elder Romero and I were walking down the street in an area where we had never been before. Two kids ran outside of a house and told us that the missionaries used to play soccer with them. We asked if we could go in their house and they said sure. The family ended up being a family of 11 kids from one dad and one mom. (I know, right?!) They were totally nice and gave as dinner and asked us 345 times when we would be coming back. The only thing is that they are members of the Umbanda Church. The Umbanda Church is kind of the Argentine version of Voodoo that came in from Brazil. Lots and lots of people here practice it. They sacrifice chickens and dogs and stuff to I don't know who, but it's just a little strange and kind of scary for me. The Umbanda church would always do sacrifices in front of the chapel in Avellaneda and rub blood all over the gate. We will see how the things go through with the Familia Cora this week. 

Mom asked me what my plans are for when I get home. Not that it has been something that I have been thinking about a lot, but here is the plan. 1. Get home and eat all of the pancakes and Mexican food that I can in 48 hours. 2. Run and exercise off the 10 missionary kilos that I have been carrying around. 3. Get two jobs and earn money for school. (Start looking for a job for me! Not GV please.) 4. Work until June and then go to BYU for the Summer term. 4a. Matt told me that there is a spot saved for me in the apartment for summer term. 4b. Work at the MTC during summer term and for as long as I can. 5. Go to BYU in August. Steps 1-5: Search for beautiful young women to court.

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