Monday, May 30, 2011

May 30, 2011

Jordan in front of his apartment (it is just the top left side)

Jordan in La Plata in front of the biggest cathedral in South America

It is the start of winter in Argentina right now.  Jordan left Colorado in the middle of winter and arrived in Argentina at the beginning of their winter.  When this winter is over, he will have been in winter for almost a solid year.  There is no snow, and the temperature there is higher than the winter in Colorado but because of the humidity it feels freezing.

He and his companion continue to have a so many teaching appointments that they almost can't keep with them all. They spend a lot of time walking to their appointments so they may be getting bikes some time soon.

They stopped by Diego's house two days after they talked to him at the bus stop last week, not knowing if they would find him home.  An older lady opened the door and told them to come in for dinner. They didn't know who she was but they walked in and she gave them both big besos (kisses on the cheek) and told them to sit down at the dinner table with her six kids.  She ended up being Diego's mom. Diego told her about meeting the missionaries.  Diego wasn't home, but she invited them to stay and eat while waiting for him. "Diego eventually got home and we started to teach them. Just after we said the prayer, Diego's mom said 'This is really good. Wait a second while I get my sister.' Her sister and her sisters family of five then crammed into the already crowded little shack and they ended up being just as nice as Diego's family. We started to teach and they were all so happy and humble to learn and listen. We sang together and everyone felt the spirit.  Before we left, we invited them to come to church that week.  We weren't really expecting them to come. They all came to church yesterday and loved it. We couldn't believe it.  And all this because we decided to run to a bus stop and talk to Diego."

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