Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 9, 2011

A family was trying to get Jordan and his companion to take this cute puppy home  
An area where Jord teaches almost every day (his companion didn't want him to get any closer with his camera out)
Walmart in Argentina
A super nice guy they are teaching named Marcelo

Jordan got to call home on Mother's day.  He talked to Mom and Dad and Emily.  They loved being able to see him over Skype and hear his voice.  He loves his mission and is working so hard.  He is so happy in Argentina.

This week he went on two splits with other companionships for two days. Jordan and his companion Elder Stokes were sad to leave each other because they get along so well and both want to work hard and be obedient. During the splits he was riding bikes with another Elder (Elder Davey) and he saw some wild dogs biting at Elder Davey's heels.  This happens a lot when they ride around on their bikes.  Jordan felt a tug at his ankle and realized that a dog him too!  His pants had a foot long tear but it didn't get to his skin. Little miracle!

In between splits Jordy got really sick again from the food.  Lots of barfing.  He had to sleep it off for two days while Elder Stokes sat around the apartment and read the scriptures for two days straight.

Jord and his companion are getting really close to baptism with two different families and a few different girls. He says teaching lessons is not really what you think it would be like. The people want guests at their house to feel at home and not be attended to.  Usually when they arrive to teach a lesson they sit around and wait for about 30 minutes, give a 15 minute lesson, and then eat for 30 minutes.

He says, "We really do not say anything profound in the lessons, but I am always surprised how the investigator seems to get the message and change their demeanor. To this I attribute to the Spirit. When I really think about our message, it sounds pretty silly and is very confusing for someone who has never heard about it. But it does not seem that way when you are teaching or listening to it. There is always a peace that comes when we try to teach and end up letting the Spirit do all the work...I am slowly realizing how the work is not about me. Alone I can do nothing.  Missionaries are simply a way by which people can feel and be taught by the Spirit. I am lucky to have it as my companion always."

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