Monday, May 2, 2011

Good Old Fashioned Barbecue

"Every Saturday, everyone in Argentina has BBQs, but Argentine BBQs are not like American BBQs. The people we visit most of the time don't have very much money, so they buy whatever they can get from the meat market. Most of the time the only thing they can get are cheap meats that no one else wants like tongue and intestines, stomach, liver, and old meat. We were visiting this really nice less active guy named Mario. Mario is a bus driver and loves to talk with Missionaries. He asked us to eat with him, and even though we had already eaten, we accepted, because we thought it would be rude not to. We forgot that it was Saturday, and he would be serving Argentine BBQ. He brought out tons of platters full of chinchulin (intestines) and some meat called carpincho (see photo above). We decided it was fine, and both of us ate our share of salty rubbery chinchulin and carpincho. It was not too bad, but still pretty bad. Anyways, I think this made me sick for the next four days or so. It was strange to know that intestines at some point were inside of my intestines. For the most part, food here is really good, and not abnormal at all. Most of the time at lunch appointments we eat melonesa (country fried steak), Peruvian food, and pasta."

Jordan loves the work!  It makes him happy and fulfilled and he is excited to learn more and grow. 

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