Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm ready to serve with everything I have!

Jordan thought he would be ambivalent about getting letters and email, but he has discovered that "it is the best thing ever." And he wasn't sure what he would think of the MTC either, but he really loves it! It's "awesome!!" He loves his companion. "Could not hope for a better companion." He was asked to be district leader, which includes getting the mail and other simple duties.

Sounds like he's taking advantage of the MTC cafeteria food. All who've eaten there know it has quite an effect on the digestive system. You'll have to ask him for details about that.

"Its awesome here, and I can feel the Spirit wherever I go. I´m learning so much... Im ready to serve the Lord with everything I have I´m more excited than I ever thought I would be."

He promises to send pictures soon!

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