Saturday, February 12, 2011

30-Year Egyptian Dictatorship Toppled

The world rejoiced (and some people bit their nails) as an oppressive dictator in Egypt was forced to flee the country yesterday. The world will march on and continue changing while Elder Lewis serves. Some changes will be big, others small.

While I was on my mission, the internet came of age. I came home to email and websites. While my brother was gone on his mission, the Columbine shootings occurred. Some missionaries were gone during 9-11, but even if they were serving in the far reaches of the Earth, they still felt the effects of that tragic day.

What else will happen while Jordan is gone? Well, for one thing, the Lewis family will continue growing! Three of his sisters are pregnant, due to deliver this summer. Perhaps there will be others. Maybe even some marriages? Time will tell, and Jordan will hear all about it from afar.

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