Tuesday, February 22, 2011

13 Pieces in 20 Minutes

Elder Lewis is loving the MTC. He can't say enough good about it. Something interesting about his companion: He hides hilarious poems around their room and waits for Jordan to find them. Sounds like they are getting along smashingly!

Jordan loves his district. Everybody is already really close even after just two weeks. They are in a tiny classroom together for 11 hours a day! He has great teachers who know the gospel and language really well.

He says his Spanish is coming along and he knows he is being aided by the Spirit.

His district had a pizza eating competition the other day and Jordan won. 13 pieces in 20 minutes. He paid for that one afterwards.

"I know I am doing the work of the Lord. I feel the Spirit all the time here, and I am learning so much. I am so excited to give everything I have to the Lord. All is Well. Life is good."

Sounds like he's never been better!

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