Tuesday, December 18, 2012

November 26, 2012

This week was super tranquil and almost boring. I accidentally told you all that Pres. Arnold was coming last week. He is really scheduled to come this coming week. But, We received the announcement last night that President Arnold had been relieved as the area president and was in the United States to receive a new calling. What that calling is, I have no idea. When the announcement came out, I almost heard the deep breath of relief throughout the mission. Instead of Arnold, it looks like Pres. Giovanni or someone of the seventy will be coming on Thursday to take a tour of the mission. I don't know who he is, but I will let you all know next week how it went. 

Elder Reynolds is a great guy. He is just really chill and doesn't have problems with anything. We figured out the the other day that we are the oldest companionship in the mission. Or that we have the most combined time in the mission out of all the companionships. We will do our best not to be trunky ever. 

Thanksgiving was so good. Even though no one celebrates/knows what is Thanksgiving here. I totally felt the Thanksgiving spirit. I even made a list of the things/people I am most grateful for. But, this Thanksgiving was way special. There is a family in my ward, Familia Dolder, that used to live in the United States that knows what Thanksgiving is and invited us over for Thursday night dinner. Hermano Dolder kind of invented the computer in Argentina and The Dolder family has the nicest house I have ever been in in Argentina. It was kind of strange. I am used to houses with cement and dirt floors, and I felt kind of awkward being in this huge American like house. But I quickly overcame my awkwardness and it was such a good night. The Family Dolder are the nicest family in the whole world. I don't know how they figured it out, but they made us pumpkin and apple pie. I couldn't believe it. I had never before seen a pumpkin and less an apple pie since I left the US. We also ate a rotisserie chicken with chicken noodle soup. So nice and good. I totally felt with family with them. I'm glad they made a special time for the extranjero american Elders.

Other than that, almost nothing happened this week. Elder Reynolds was sick almost all week, and we couldn't really leave the apartment that much. So, we spent a whole lot of time sleeping, and I read almost all of Jesus the Christ. It's the worst when your companion is sick because you have to stay with him 24/7 and there isn't much you can do as a missionary to combat boredom. The scriptures are great, but after 6 straight hours of scrips, I kind of feel like I am going crazy. After that I found and named all the spiders in the pinch, cleaned the bathroom 4 times, did as many sit ups as I could, drew pictures of dragons, and so on. Luckily he is doing way better know, and we will be working more this week.

Our apartment is the worst I have had thus far on the mission. We call it the poverty hut because it is so small and has a tin roof. When it rains, it sounds like everyone is throwing rocks at the apartment. It is about the size of my room at home with a kitchen and a bathroom squished in. There is tons of humidity and mold everywhere. EVERYWHERE. (walls, floor, clothes, roof, beds, my ear(not kidding)). It's a totally funny experience though, and I don't mind it at all. Elder Reynolds and I were talking this week, and neither of us understands why we are happy all the time. Even if things are going really bad and we are in really uncomfortable conditions, we don't feel mad or sad or anything. I decided that's what happens when you LIVE the gospel. Your happiness starts becoming independent of your conditions, your happiness becomes unconditional. That's the best. The reason you are happy is that you are. All is well. Life is good.

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