Tuesday, March 20, 2012

February 27, 2012

I will have you know that I got rid of my first pair of shoes this week. I decided that it was finally time. Every night for the past few weeks, I have been getting home and finding that my right foot is all black with dirt. The dirt enters through a large hole in the toe and another large whole in the side of my shoe. On the left shoe, the sole is completely parted in two pieces and i think they were about to rot off my feet. The inside of the shoes have also gradually changed from kind of a golden brown, to a florescent, bright green. I don't know what it is.The hermanas from the Relief Society recently had a meeting where they discussed my shoes. A bunch of them were worried that I didn't have good shoes to use and were preparing to buy me a new pair. Luckily, I got wind of the secret meeting and told the relief society president that I have other shoes. She was relieved. Goodbye Ecco Pair number 1. I will cherish our memories together. Sorry for putting you in mud and poop and on top of frogs so much.

This week was real real real good. The humidity that constantly has me soaking wet no matter what I am doing is slowly going away. I don't think my shirts can handle many more weeks of insane humidity and heat. They have all turned from white, to beige, to yellow, and now approaching green. SO MUCH SWEAT. But luckily, the weather is getting cooler and it is so nice. I have not been in Argentina yet in March, so I'm kind of excited to see what the weather is like. If humidity makes hot hotter and cold colder, what does it do to normal weather, make it normal..er? I hope so. Lately there have been no clouds, a slight breeze and 70ish degrees. Real real nice. 

This week was really successful. I have already told you guys about Ana Villagra, the lady who has a strange affinity for the Pearl of Great Price. We have consistently been teaching her over the past few weeks and it has been going so so good. She loves everything she hears, even until the point of tears. We were teaching her about the spirit world and she bawled and bawled. It was the first time in my mission that someone has cried just by hearing a simple doctrine. All of our teaching so far has kind of been ignoring the blaring fact that she cannot get baptized until she first convinces her husband to divorce is wife, and then convince him to start a new marriage with her. This process would probably take 2+ years. Joooeeeee... The other day we planned to have a really frank lesson where we tell her that she wont really be able to participate in the gospel until she get baptized. We first ensured her of our love and then told her that she wont be able to get baptized in the near future without making a huge change in her life. We were expecting her to kind of be destroyed, seeing as to how she has been set on baptism ever since we started talking to her. She always says, "I ready to start over again." But, when we told her, she was surprisingly calm and said, "Okay. I will just leave my husband." She was talking about her husband of 12 years. I was blown away. She explained further that things had not been going well with him for a while and that if she was going to get baptized she was going to kick him out anyways as part of her new start. I felt like kind of a home breaker, but it was good. She will be getting baptized real soon. I thought the situation was going to be really sensitive, touch, and sad, but it ended up being light, and easy, and good.

This Sunday it didn't rain and 8 investigators came to church. :) Randomly our President surprised us in our ward too. 

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