Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January 30, 2012

On Saturday night we got our transfer calls. I was pretty sure that I was getting to get called to another area, seeing as how I have been in Longchamps for 6 months. I guess there were different plans set for me. I will be staying in Longchamps for three months more and receiving another brand new Elder to train. When I got the call, I was blown away, and kind of still am. Elder Jolley will be sent to an area called Villa Fiorito with an Elder who has the same amount on the mission as I do. Villa Fiorito is well known in the mission as the most dangerous area in the mission. It is also where Diego Maradona grew up. He is super excited about his new area, I am sure he will do great. I have loved and learned so much from every single one of my companions. But, none of them have been quite like Elder Jolley. Elder Jolley is the kind of guy who is never ever satisfied and always wants to be and do better. Elder Jolley continually pushed me to be better. I have grown so much in my time with Elder Jolley and am really grateful for him. I really do have a testimony that companionships are inspired. There were so many things I had to learn from Elder Jolley, and I hope that he learned a lot of things from me.  He is a great guy, and I am gonna miss him a ton.

Today, Elder Stokes, (my trainer/Dad in the mission) went home.  He is the first of all of my companions to go home. It was kind of a weird moment saying goodbye to him. I officially am orphaned in the missionary sense. (I don't care how nerdy that sounds.)

Training, in our mission, is a three month process.  Wednesday I will be starting that process all over again. That means I will be staying in Longchamps for a total of 9 months, by rule, the longest a missionary can stay in one area. I will be leaving Longchamps around April 20th. I feel like I have been here for an eternity, but it has been/will be really good. I can't wait to do a lot of good work. I can only imagine how hard it will be to say goodbye to all the people I have met and learned to love here. The members of our ward told me that I have been here for so long that they want to give me a calling and name the Church building after me. I told them that that would be fine.

Until Wednesday, I will be with another Elder who will also be training. His name is Elder Lem and he is Mexican and Chinese. A very good mix. He is from California. We will be enjoying one another until we receive our newbies.

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