Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hello, Buenos Aires!

Jordan got his travel plans and is heading to Buenos Aires tomorrow morning! He has a layover in Atlanta for 4 or 5 hours, and that's when he gets to make his phone call to Mom and Dad! Then he hops on a 15 or 16 hour flight to BA. His whole missionary district will be on the same flight so it's sure to be a good time.

In preparation for his departure, he had a "Departing Foreign Missionary Health Lesson." He says, "It is taught by this tiny tiny old man (reminded me of the guy from the Pixar movies who plays chess against himself) and literally all he talked about was poop. He was so excited about it too. He said, "All you missionaries who are heading to Argentina and are worried about gaining weight, don't worry. You will probably catch a worm and never gain a pound again." Haha. Jordan has already gained 10 lbs in the MTC so a good tapeworm is probably exactly what he needs. His goal, however, is to break 200 lbs on his mission just like his Dad. Go Jord!

He has started packing and has no idea how he is going to fit all of his stuff in two bags and two carry ons.

Jordan met a recently returned missionary who baptized 101 people and was mugged 5 times. "He even baptized one of his muggers. If I can baptize twenty people for every time I am mugged, it seems like a good tradeoff to me."

I loved this next part that Jordan shared about having a companion. "Having a companion/s is  a [totally] new and unique experience. Usually when you are friends with someone, you see them mainly at their best, and when they are happy. You can pick and choose when you spend time together. But with a companion, you are with them literally 24 hours a day. I follow my companions to the bathroom, to interviews, when they shower, literally everywhere. You know them at their best and worst. I think this is what it must be like to be married, except you don't get to choose your companion. It has taught [me] so much patience and love. You stick with your companion always, and love them no matter what."

Right on Jordan! You are wise beyond your years.

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