Tuesday, June 5, 2012

May 14, 2012

This week was real real good. Elder Ramos is teaching me lots of new things. He goes home in less than two months and is starting to make a lot of preparations. One of these preparations has been salsa dancing. Apparently, dancing salsa is really big in Peru. My comp wanted to get his salsa skills all sharpened up and ready and has been asking me every once in a while to practice with him. (I take the part of the girl dancer.) I am getting kind of good, but only know the girls steps. True charity for my companion. He has also taught me how to make a few Peruvian rice dishes that are so good.  Arroz Chaufa and Lomo Saltado. Every once in a while, we offer to cook a dinner for our investigators. The other night we were cooking for two of our investigators. They are the parents of an 18 year old girl who got baptized a while back and is now waiting on her boyfriend missionary who is serving in Brazil. The mom firmly believes in the virgin and doesn't want much to do with us on any religious level. But shes totally nice and gave me mysterious Argentine medicine when my throat started to get bad. Her husband is way more accepting and totally nice. He is a grown up hippy and loves to talk with me about 60s-70s music. He is totally intelligent, but always asks the strangest questions. Ex. "Do you think John Lennon and Joseph Smith would have gotten along?" and "Can I do baptisms for the dead of the deceased members of Pink Floyd?" I love going to teach them so much and look forward to it all week. Anyways...the other day we were preparing arroz chaufa for the family and I was chopping peppers with the Dad of the family, and we got on the subject of symbology. (hahah reading over the last sentence made me laugh a little. It makes us sound like we were in a study surrounded by expensive leather bound books and dressed in smoking jackets. Understand?) He then told me that he was a free mason and knew a whole lot about symbols. I started to get super curious and asked him a lot of questions about free masonry. After a while he told me that if I was really that curious, that i should go to a Free Mason meeting. I secretly wanted to, but explained to him that as a missionary, I can't. He understood, but after letting me know that I could be a Free mason before I return to the United States. I nervous laughed/smiled his invitation off.
This next week should be real good. Elder Ramos and I will be traveling around a lot. I guess that is good news because the more we are traveling, the more our zone is baptizing. We have a good amount of baptisms coming up for the weekend of the 26th. I will let you know how those go.

I love my family! Everyday I am more and more aware of how lucky I am. It's so good and real that our primary source of happiness is our families. It's so sure and unique.

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