Monday, April 9, 2012

March 26, 2012

A shirt my little investigator gave me...
This week was real good. Eldeer Ramos and I are just getting accustomed as comps and I am getting used to Solano. When I got the call from President to come to Solano, I was honestly pretty bummed to leave Elder Abbott and Longchamps. But, as I was bawling as I said goodbye to all my friends in Longchamps, I felt pretty strongly that it was time. I felt the same feeling when I got to Solano, and just felt right. Solano is real good, and I am happy and excited to be here for the next who knows how many months. But, in the two weeks I have been gone from Longchamps, Elder Abbott and his new companion have baptized 5 of my investigators. hahahaha oh welll.....

Solano is a little branch, but its so good and alive. Longchamps was a pretty sleepy ward with lots of members with 10+ years in the church that was just waking up and starting to do things. Solano is the opposite. Almost all of the members, including the Branch President have less than 4 years in the church, or have recently been activated. As a result, almost all of the members are full of energy and want to do lots of things. Also, all of them have been helped out by the missionaries recently either to be baptized or reactivated. As a result, everybody is kind of obsessed with the Elders and we are treated like royalty. hahah. Everyone begs us to eat at their houses and complains to us if we haven't been to their house in more than a week. It feels real good to be so wanted. I feel like I am gonna get real chubby in this area after losing tons of weight in Longchamps. 

We live in front of a family who just got baptized about two years ago. The familia Marin. They are so great. The sister cleans or house once a week, cleans our clothes, and makes us breakfast or lunch or dinner or snacks whenever we want them. It's wild. I feel spoiled. They rent us a big house for 1000 pesos a month when they could be charging 3000 a month. They are way too good. The brother is a member of the equivalent of the CIA in Argentina. Yesterday he showed us every single one of his guns. He shoots them in the air whenever his soccer team scores a goal. 

This week we baptized Liliana and it was really good, but kinda wild. She has back problems, so we couldn't baptize her in the normal "Lean back" method. We had to fill up the font really really full in order for her to be able to kneel down completely below the water. It took three tries.

All is well. Life is good.

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