Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 2, 2012

 Our end of the year dinner with the Familia Menses. Way too nice.
Happy New Year! 2012 is gonna be a goody. I'm sure. I personally, welcomed in 2012 sitting on my roof with my companion and watching an insane firework display all around me. It was real real good. I thought the fireworks for Christmas were crazy, but the end of the year fireworks blew them out of the water. It looked like day outside and Elder Jolley and I couldn't hear each other, even if we shouted in each others ears. It was wild. While we were sitting on the roof, an artillery shell fell out of the sky at our feet and luckily didn't blow up. At that point we decided to go inside.

This week was really good and a big relief for Elder Jolley and I. Lately, it has gotten to be pretty hard to find new investigators. Their ward has slowed down with giving references and it has just been pretty flat lately. We either baptized or dropped all of the investigators that we had.  This week, Elder Jolley and I were really blessed and found more new investigators than we had in the previous four weeks combined.  It was a big relief.

This morning Elder Jolley and I went to one of the Sisters in our ward to cut our hair. She is a totally nice lady and loves and cuts the hair of all the Elders that come to Longchamps. She also has controlled schizophrenia and talks to people that aren't there as she cuts our hair sometimes. As she was cutting my hair, I glanced over at Elder Jolley and he had on a face that was a mixture in between scared and trying to hold in a laugh. I didn't really understand, so I kept on chatting with the lady until, Elder Jolley's shoulders started to shake he was trying so hard not to laugh. I asked him, in English, why he was laughing and he just whisper/whimpered, "Nothing, nothing, nothing". It was only after she had finished my hair and started cutting Elder Jolleys that I understood why his face was both scared and laughing. As she cut Elder Jolleys hair, she only buzzed over certain parts of his hair, and missed or ignored whole patches of other hair. I started to laugh because Elder Jolley looked ridiculous and then I realized that she had most likely done the same thing to my hair. We still can't figure out why, but she decided that today she was only going to cut parts of our hair, and not others. Elder Jolley looks like he has a horn of hair right above his forehead, and I the whole left side of my head looks huge because the hair is uncut on that side. So now Elder Jolley and I both have horrible, half done haircuts with awkward and random tufts of hair sticking out. Our task for the rest of the day will be to commandeer a buzzer to finish up the job. Hopefully we will be able to figure it out.

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