Thursday, October 27, 2011

October 17, 2011

Elder Borgersen and I have just been running all over Longchamps, laughing all the way. Unfortunately, last night la Familia Acuña invited us over for asado once again. When they do that, I know they are trying to show their appreciation and love for us, but it makes me cry a little bit. Last night the asado consisted of morsilla or blood sausage. (A sausage filled with cow blood and floating bits of cebolla and then cooked until the blood hardens) For me, eating a morsilla is like eating a big cow scab. Elder Borgersen and I ate the absolute minimum amount of the morsilla that would be polite.The eating of the asado came with the same results as the last time, but not quite as fierce. We were only tied to the toilet this morning for a few hours. Better than i could have hoped for. 

The pictures that I sent are of: this is not an orc from Lord of the Rings, this is a kind of dog that I always see in the streets but have never been able to take a picture of.  I call them them the zombie dogs, but they are really dogs with a disease called sarna. Sarna is pretty much when the skin gets so dry and scabby that all of the dogs hair falls out. Most dogs in the street have a little bit of sarna, but there are the select few who have no hair at all, just zombie. The thing about sarna is that it is contagious. I try not to even get close to the dogs for this reason. But, apperantly earlier in my mission (in the first few months in Argentina) I was less diligent in avoiding the zombie dogs because I got sarna. hahah I don't know if i sent the picture, but I got a really big rash on the whole right side of my body (shoulder, hip and thigh) that was totally gross. Parts of my leg hair were falling out (blessing in disguise, I have too much leg hair), and overall it was just gross. I went to an American doctor in Buenos Aires capital and he gave me a special soap that made the rash go away after one washing, but what he didn't tell me was that the rash was sarna; the same disease of the zombie dogs. Gross, huh?  

The other picture is of a hole that the Elders in my district and I dug for the Familia Acuña. Its about 5 meters deep, and we did it over the course of five or six weekends. It's for their bathroom. I don't really understand exactly what it is, or how it will function, but I think it is where all of there waste will go when they flush the toilet. Every Saturday morning we help him dig the hole and every Sunday, I can barely move I am so sore and sunburned.

Right now Elder Borgersen and I are working with a lot of different investigators who are almost almost ready for baptism, and just need another nudge or two, whether that be getting married, stopping smoking, leaving their 14 dogs for the three hours to go to church, or whatever. I will let y'all (By the way, I think I am slowly adapting an Oklahoma drawl because of Elder Borgersen. He is the only person I speak English with, so it is gradually taking over.) know what happens. Make sure to lend your prayers to them.

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