Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July 4, 2011

Jordan trying to look cute
 Jordan's dinner on Saturday. The sausage looking things are Mosilla: cooked blood squished into a sausage with floating bits of potato. Mmmmmm.....
 A family of about "5 trillion" that Jordan is teaching and loves so much
Elder Stokes and Jordan reenacting a story for a family of when a pack of dogs chased us (Jordan is wearing a watch...hehe)

"Elder Stokes and I just enjoyed one anothers company as much as we could in what was probably our last week together. We made it a goal this week to follow the Spirit and have it as much in our work as we could. We also made it a goal to find as many new people to teach as we could. Those two goals together induced a lot of success. Just by trying to have the Spirit with us as much as we could, good things just kept on happening. It seemed like every time we took the bus, someone would come  to US and ask US what we were doing here and what our message is. In the end we found 19 new investigators this week. Just by trying a little harder to focus on the Spirit. This makes me want to try even harder to involve the Lord in the work as much as possible. If the Spirit and the missionary work together special things are bound to happen. It was a fitting week to end an awesome companionship on.

This Saturday we got our transfer call from the President informing us that Elder Stokes got transferred to another area and that I am going to stay here in City Bell and find out who my companion is the following Monday in transfer meetings. The whole mission gets together in one place to meet their new companions, listen to the Elders testimonies who are going home, and then listen to a quick message from the president. There I found out that I am going to be with Elder Vergaras for the next transfer. I am really sad to see Elder Stokes go, but I already love Elder Vergaras. Elder Vergaras is from Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina (pretty much Antarctica) and is 25 years old. When we were first introduced I just heard "Elder Lewis is going to be with Elder Vergaras" and before I knew it I was engulfed in a lot of man hug from some big thick Argentine man that was Elder Vergaras. He is really jolly and kind of plump and his laughs sounds kind of like the laughs of Aunt Linda, Sister Ludwig, and Julie Perry all rolled up into one. I have a feeling that we are going to have lots of fun with each other. I feel so blessed to have had such awesome and happy and hard working companions thus far in the mission. And companions who love the man hug as much as I do. I love the work. I love the message. I love the people. I love the mission. I love my companions. It's all just too too good."

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